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Possed By Magic by Seena-Cha
Possed By Magic
Another photo of my default Maria from anime north (: I got acouple of photos taken a week back or so with my Witch of Origins cosplay, so i should be able to post some photos of that cosplay hopefully soon ouo ( the ones i took this time turned out a lot nicer then the ones i took at otakuthon) so I am super happy on how they turned out (:

Any its the month of October, is Maria's favourite time of the year cB So i will be posting more photos of maria hopefully soon .
:iconevil-mariaplz: :iconevil-mariaplz: :iconevil-mariaplz: :iconevil-mariaplz: :iconevil-mariaplz: :iconevil-mariaplz: :iconblushingmariaplz:

Sorry i have been unactive lately ): School is being really stressful on me so i am trying to take things easy

Cosplay was made and worn by me :iconseena-cha:
Photo was taken by AilesNoir Photo was edited by me Seena-Cha
Series: Umineko No Naku Koro Ni

Adventure Time: Lady by Seena-Cha
Adventure Time: Lady
This was a summer cosplay I did with my lady rainicorn. I did do a lady cosplay in the past but it wasn't with this outfit.
When i wore this it was like 30*c ( 90* F ) and my "winter" Lady is a sweater and pants, so this cosplay I can consider it as my "summer" lady rainicorn cosplay xD

My friend mars took some pictures of me because she needs practice for her program, so I let her take some shots (:
and the photos look amazing! So I am very pleased. We helped out each other for this project xD

Cosplayer was me :iconseena-cha:
Photographer is
Yukko Ichihara- Character by Seena-Cha
Yukko Ichihara- Character
"If you believe in it, it is real, if you do not, it is fiction."

Im not sure on how i feel about my facial expression in this photo -A-... I think i have forgotten on how to smile in photos...
i dont know if that is a pity call or no, but its just something i realized in some of my photos. I can't do a natural cool smile anymore unless its like a yandree smile xP

Yuuko cosplay was made and worn by me :iconseena-cha:
Photo was taken and edited by :iconstillvisions:

Yukko Ichihara- Character by Seena-Cha
Yukko Ichihara- Character
"Normal? What is normal? To do only what the masses do? What is the benefit of that? And what is the problem with adopting a custom that is abnormal if it has no negative effect on the world at large?"

I tried to do a cool pose for her. I don't think it turned out totally how i wanted it to... but I think it still looks good regardless xD
So here is another photo of yuuko in all her glory, being the happy person that she usually is xD

Yuuko cosplay was made and worn by me :iconseena-cha:
Photo was taken and edited by :iconstillvisions:



Alicia ( Ally/Seena/Arishia)
Artist | Student | Artisan Crafts
Welcome to my page
My current interests are cosplaying and drawing.
I enjoy making my costumes and wearing them and drawing in my sketchbook or painting on an easel.
i still love my characters as i always do
I am also starting to understand who i really am and what i want in life.

Future cosplays for 2014:

-Female Kamina from Gurran Laggan
-Haruko from FLCL( being pushed)
-March Hare(being pushed to 2015)
-Levi from SNK
-Revamp of Lucy from Elfen Lied
-Nui Harime from Kill la Kill
-Witch of Origins from Umineko no naku koro ni

Follow me at :

Cool Kats you should check out <3

:icondminorducesa::icontraumaticcandy::icondsebs::icon0rigination::iconi3i::iconpoison-peach::iconl-blair-l::iconkakeranotsuki::iconstillvisions::iconxhee-heex::iconanti-roxas-99::iconanaira-lin::iconredustrial-ruin::iconmaxieyi: :iconabiilene:

Cosplayers I admire:

:iconxhee-heex: :icontraumaticcandy: :iconyayacosplay: :iconaicosu: :iconyamatotaichou: :iconredustrial-ruin: :icondetailed-illusion: :iconanti-roxas-99: :iconthe-mirror-melts: :iconkakeranotsuki::iconvickybunnyangel: :iconwitchiko: :iconyume-ka:
  • Mood: Anxious
  • Listening to: Where butterflies never die- Broken Iris
  • Watching: Walking Dead
  • Drinking: TTTEEAAAA
Alright so i wanted to give a shoutout to some new people who started to follow me, i wanted to say thank you to all of you new watchers <3 ! xD for those of you who admire my work and wish to stick around and see my progress and future doom plans.
( thank you for all those being patient ;A; <333 )

I should have some new cosplay photos coming soon in the next couple of months.
I am still waiting on some photos from costume con and anime north, so hopefully i will be able to get some of those photos soon xD
Also for new cosplay plans, Otakuthon will be happening in the next couple of weeks (: Hella i look forward to it (:
I will be rewearing my shinku cosplay so i will have some new photos of her along with some friends of mine who will be cosplaying with me and hopefully getting some photos with aswell xD
Also i have two new cosplays i will be bringing out for the first time. I have planned to do Witch of Origins from Umineko since last year xD and i have finally gotten around to doing it! So i will be bringing her with me (:
Also i originally planned to do a sakizou design for otakuthon, but because of time, transportation and me just being lame in general, i planned to do sakizou for next year for a school project. ( it also gives me excuse for my final xD and an excuse to enter something in the masquerade for Anime North next year xD )
So as a last minute decision, i decided to do Nui from Kill la Kill. And so far she is half way done ;u; but i still feel like i have so much more i need to do.

Alas this is feeling anxious still about all of this cause i HATE, hate.... not know things in advance. And right now everything is still a plan by ear thing... so hopefully things look better for me during this week. They need to cause i'm running out of time ;u; </3

Anywho... that is my update. Otakuthon will be my last con for the summer, as for the fall, i 'know what cons will be happening. So whenever i get the photos from anime north, costume con and otakuthon, i will probably not post all the photos at once, just so from september to april, i wont be completely dead. * just semi-dead*
And once september happens, i go back to school, community theater and work ( if i am working)
So no social life again ;u;... yyyeeahhhhhh </3

*cries in corner cause lyfe *

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avathar476 Featured By Owner Oct 7, 2014
ur welcome. :)

so how long have u been doing cosplay? r u still in school or no?
Seena-Cha Featured By Owner Oct 8, 2014  Student Artisan Crafter
im in my third year of college, and i have probably been cosplaying since my freshman year of highschool (:
avathar476 Featured By Owner Oct 8, 2014
ah i see. how many conventions have u been so far?
Seena-Cha Featured By Owner Oct 9, 2014  Student Artisan Crafter
Like how many times have i been to a single con or just how many cons in general?
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Yukikaze-Creations Featured By Owner Jun 22, 2014  Hobbyist General Artist
Hi! I have finally gotten time to completely look through your gallery. I am very impressed! Just watched you!

If you found my cosplay work similarly likeable, please feel free to do the same for me, your support is greatly appreciated!

My newly created facebook…

My DA page:yukikaze-creations.deviantart.…

Lossien Featured By Owner May 2, 2014  Professional Artisan Crafter
Thank you for the :+devwatch:~!
Seena-Cha Featured By Owner May 2, 2014  Student Artisan Crafter
my pleasure ouo!
daeien Featured By Owner Apr 12, 2014
Happy Birthday! :D :party: :cake: :party: :D
Seena-Cha Featured By Owner Apr 12, 2014  Student Artisan Crafter
Thank you love >w<
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